About Us

About Us

We are a mixed bunch... I'll start with me, I'm Melissa, the serial entrepreneur (the voice of this blog, and business coach, speaker and author at melissawiringi.com). I'm a happy and inspirational mama, with an awesome story about leaving a really negative situation with my two really lil kids and totally transformed my life! At my lowest point, I couldn't even dream of travelling. I never believed it could happen for me!

I experienced a really special time in my life in the two years after I left. I was fortunate to move to a paradise, Bay of Islands, New Zealand reignited my travel dreams. I was inspired by the backpackers around the town, and a little story I was told while I lived there. It was along the lines of a young guy who had travelled the world with his parents. Sadly they passed away, however he was grateful to have made so many amazing memories. This inspired my dream of world travel with my two children.

In 2010 I found love again, and in 2011 the three of us moved to Sydney, Australia to live with my now husband, Rimaha, who happily took us on. We began travelling, mostly around Australia, and in 2013 we made our first big international trip through Dubai, Italy, France, Spain and Greece. After this, we were determined to find a way to travel as a family.

In 2014 we were married in Rarotonga, Cook Islands and following our wedding we made a decision we would start saving with the intention to move to Spain for a year or two (pending visas of course). In the first twelve months we travelled to New Zealand twice, once for my University graduation and once for a wedding. As a result, it took us most of the first 12 months to pay off our remaining wedding debt (about $10,000 AUD). 

In 2016 we saved, and realised we would have to push our travel ambitions back by 12 months. We travelled to New Zealand for two months to welcome our fifth family member, Elijah, into the world (I wanted a home birth which isn't that easy to do in NSW, Australia). We travelled back to New Zealand again in November 2016... Finally, early in 2017 we hit our savings target, and we are now just waiting on a few loose ends that need to be sorted before we can book our tickets. 

World Intrepids Beach wedding, Cook Islands Rarotonga

Our wedding was a dream come true in Rarotonga, Cook Islands

I've found this waiting really difficult, I'm pretty impatient and just like to get going and DO WHAT I WANT TO DO. However, the great part about being stuck in Australian is we will see a bit of Australia before we go. 

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