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So hey there! Our big ass 'Why' is because we have this crazy dream that people around the world should actually ENJOY living on their own terms. Which, to me, means people should be able to make a living from anywhere, working with their passion and 10-20 hours a week is good. 

World Intrepids is a unique family lifestyle and travel blog. It is small, but with BIG dreams. Melissa is the voice behind the blog, she is also an author, speaker and business coach at, and she is determined to make a huge difference in the world. In amongst travelling and helping other women build their online heart and purpose businesses, she homeschools her eldest and has plenty of fun with the other two. She has a Bachelor in Business Information with majors in Communication and Information Management. She also is working toward a Graduate Diploma in Educational Psychology.

World Intrepids would love to hear from you if you are interested in working with us (clearly you need to have some relevance to the above)... 

We are currently based in Australia, however we intend to be based in Spain or travel throughout Europe from early 2018. 

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