Finding Peace at Nan Tien Temple

Finding Peace at Nan Tien Temple


I’m a peaceful person. One of my favourite books is The Art of Happiness, I usually read it at least once every year. Buddhism is something I enjoy learning about. I think it is such a beautiful religion!

Ever since I moved to Sydney, I’ve wanted to visit Nan Tien Temple, the largest Buddhist temple in the Southern Hemisphere. It has taken me four years to finally visit. One really great thing about visiting this temple is free entry. I love free things!

Turning into the temple, lanterns line the street. You are greeted by a happy laughing buddha. This happy, joyful face always makes me smile. Happiness is beautiful to me!

My first stop was the Pagoda. Inside is absolutely gorgeous. You’ll have to check out the Pagoda link because no photos are allowed inside!

Inside the pagoda I learned this is a place where ashes are stored. Only family members and close friends of the dead are permitted to go upstairs. I’m sure it’s a spectacular view!

For some strange reason I didn’t take photos of all the extremely gorgeous, small concrete buddha statues. They were spread out around the grass area. Some of them had really interesting poses!

From the Pagoda, there is a path to the main temple. I couldn’t believe how huge the place was! After wandering around and taking notes of the upcoming retreats and courses, I found myself in the main shrine.

Again, I have no photos from within. No cameras are allowed. But the statues are huge, and beautiful. There is so much light and gold. You instantly feel softness.

I spent a good 20 minutes or so sitting there absorbing the peace. It was really quite wonderful. I totally need to do this more often!

After eating lunch at the restaurant, I decided to take a bit of a walk. I strolled through the museum, it has a cool surprise inside. I dropped a coin in the wishing well and continued exploring. After walking through the gardens, checking out the pilgrim lodge and the pond, I found the gratitude walk. This walk takes you up a rather steep hill. Here I found the gratitude bell. I rang the bell and sent my feelings of gratitude to my loved ones.


I looked at the slightly larger hill. I thought it would be really great to walk up, but I was already tired from the climb to the bell. Maybe next time!

Opposite the gratitude bell is another relaxing Buddhist statue. I snapped a couple of pictures before heading back towards the carpark.


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