Our Tips for visiting Capri, the beautiful Italian Island

Our Tips for visiting Capri, the beautiful Italian Island

Capri, ahh, we loved Capri. I wish we had done more than a day tour of Capri. If you visit Italy, I hope you spend a couple of days in this magical place. Here are my recommendations

Stay for at least one night!

We decided (sadly) to do a day trip. The place was so fantastic. I would have loved to spend an entire day exploring this gorgeous Italian island, followed by a full day boat tour!

Do a boat tour

We did our boat tour with Gianni’s Boats. This day tour really made our trip! We travelled around the entire island in style.

The water is what makes this island so magical. The blues and greens are incredible. It’s very bright, the sun reflects under the water. I took too many photos of the waters around the island.

Visiting the Blue Grotto

The Blue Grotto was the main reason I wanted to visit Capri. My mum had told me about the place. My number one tip if you hope to see the Blue Grotto, is go on your tour in the morning. Make sure to tell your guide to go first to the Blue Grotto, then around the island. By the time we arrived, there was a huge queue. We skipped the Blue Grotto. This photo shows about a quarter of the boats waiting the day we visited!

Baby Blue, the alternative to the Blue Grotto

The day we visited, we didn’t want to wait in a boat queue for an hour. We opted to visit the Baby Blue. Our tour guide advised the colour is the same, it’s just smaller. And no queue. Awesome for people who don’t get to the main event early!

The Monte Solaro Chairlift

Ahhh. We only had one day. We did the boat tour and a little exploring. We totally missed the Monte Solaro Charlift. It was closing by the time we found out how to get to it. We are definitely going back for this experience!

Book a table at one of the restaurants you have to sail to

This is another big kick myself. Another reason I have to go back. As we sailed around the island, our captain pointed out all these gorgeous restaurants. Sadly, we didn’t have time to stay and dine there. They pick you up (no charge) and deliver you to the restaurants. I presume the menu’s are probably a bit on the expensive side, but I’d love to have that experience!

Wander through the streets of Capri

The streets are gorgeous. The shops are beautiful. The entire place has is beautiful. Everywhere you walk, you seem to look out towards the ocean. Or at least have huge glimpses of the ocean!

The little restaurants and bars are perched up on the hills. The places offer some beautiful photo opportunities! I loved wandering along the pathways. I also loved the flowers everywhere (maybe we travelled at the right time of year).

I absolutely adore Capri. I definitely want to go back. Once we are settled into our Spanish residence, I will be sure to book a week over on the wonderful Capri!


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